IEEE AFRICON is the premier biennial event of the IEEE in Africa. This
flagship conference provides a platform for academics and industry
professionals to share ideas and present their latest
research. Co-sponsored by the IEEE Region 8 and the IEEE South Africa
Section, Africon 2013 will be hosted in the paradise island of
Mauritius from 9 – 12 September 2013. We are happy to announce the
Special Track on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Africa

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence research in the African context
has not yet reached its full potential. Since the last edition of this
special track at 2011 AFRICON, the African researchers in the field of
AI and robotics are much better connected, for instance, through
initiatives such as the AFRON network. With this special track, we
intend to bring together the African Robotics and AI community and
discuss the various aspects of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in
the African context. Both cutting-edge fields may become drivers for
Africa industry and have a great potential for education and the
development of human resources. With this special session, besides
sharing actual research results, we are interested in building a
vibrant and sustainable research community by connecting people who
are active in both fields. Further, the focus of this special session
is on Robotics and AI in education. We are interested in robotics and
AI initiatives in Africa and want to invite interested researcher from
Africa and all over the world to contribute to this aspect.

In particular, we intend to address the following:

 * Current research results from African researchers in the fields.
 * Robotics and AI in education that could make an impact for Africa.
 * Robotics competitions relevant in the African context (e.g. Robocup
   Junior or IEEE Robocomp).
 * The role of open source in development of Robotics and AI in Africa.
 * The role of Robotics and AI for the economic development in the context
   of 21st century production and manufacturing in Africa (Automation,
   Mining industries, etc.)
 * Successful robotics and AI co-operation projects between African
   institutions and institutions in the rest of the world

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